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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Road Ahead

Hi all, now that we have all had a little time to recovered from the sad news about the closing of Bear, let’s look ahead. I’ve been asked by many what I am going to do.  Good news, I will continue to teach. Not so good news, I haven’t worked out all the logistical issues. It’s a lot to consider!  Also, no surprise to anyone I’m emotionally exhausted. I was in no way prepared for the mammoth emotional impact of the tornado and loss my home would take on me and Tom. We are contented in our new home but I need a bit of time to recharge, refocus and rest. I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way.

In the meantime I would love to hear your ideas and input in regards to future classes. What do you want to do in the coming New Year? What I know for sure is the Thursday evening classes will continue, the art journaling group will continue and I’m planning to continue Saturday afternoon stamping classes.  

In addition I want to start a Photoshop/digital scrapbook class. Digital Memory keeping has become another passion for me and January of this year I was asked to join the Daily Digi’s Creative Team.  It's my plan to have very small classes to learn Photoshop Elements and digital memory keeping. Even if you are a paper scrapper, digital dovetails nicely with paper.  It's really not that difficult,  so if Photoshop Elements is making you nuts all will become clear.

The blog, Mizbizibee’s Little Bees and the Facebook group will continue and I will announce all new developments there. If you wish to email me, I can be reached at mizbizibee@gmail.com or call me at 405 550 8798. 

Thanks for all your support! 
Vicki Bridges, aka mizbizibee

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