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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Closing Doors

Goodness this summer flew by, school is starting and August is nearly over. It's been a long journey for all of us since May 20th. I'm sorry for those that are still struggling to repair your homes. I'm sure it's miserable for you and it's a sort of pain I don't know and my prayer are with you.

And now another door has closed. And Bear Makes 3 where I have taught for 7 years is closing its doors. It's been a difficult year and the tornado was the last blow. It's so difficult for brick and mortar stores to compete with online and home businesses. I want to publically thank Vicki Byers for giving me a chance 7 years ago, I had no teaching experience and was just a bit shocked she took me on. I've had a great time and met lots of wonderful stamps. Some will be friends for life!

I'm looking forward to the fall with cooler temps and family holidays. Not sure what my future will hold but I do know I'm ready for a long rest, Mr. B too. It's been a stressful year but with God's love and kindness and the support of friends and family we will make it. And now we will flourish!

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