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Friday, February 17, 2012

Worth Reading

Finding Your Voice

In my never ending search to be a better artist and teacher I read a lot of stuff, mostly online blogs. What a marvelous and free (I like that word) resource.  One of the blogs in my reader is Ali Edwards and I get her weekly newsletter.  Even though she’s not a big stamper and she is more into memory keeping (the new word for scrapbooking) but the point is, she is an artist. Just like us!  

Recently I was struck by one of her newsletters and thought I just had to share it with you. You can find the newsletter here and Ali’s blog here.  The article talks about finding your voice. And that’s an important thing.  Not just stamping a card like someone online or even me. But really jumping in with both feet and making the creation your own. Scary?  Yea, a little. But think of when you started school and looked at those alphabets above the blackboard. That was a little scary too but you did it right?

Go find your creative voice.  Now.  No, I mean right now, don't bookmark this and say you will get back to it.   Do. It. Now. 

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