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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Line A Day Journal

Recently I was reading Ali Edwards blog where she mentioned “One Line a Day Journal”.  A what?  She’s so efficient that she provide a link that took me to Amazon.  Being Amazon there were pictures and reviews about this compact yet hefty 5 year (yes I said five years!) journal. So tell me where have I been that I don’t know anything about this journal?  Under a rock?  Sniffing ink fumes? 
For you that were distracted like me and this journal is new too you let me will explain.  The journal has a page for each day for a year. You write one sentence about your day and at the end of the year the book is full. Then you start over at the beginning on the next line for the New Year and continue through the journal again.  What a concept!  I wish I had known about this earlier and started on January 1 but I didn’t start my Project 365 on January 1 so it’s no big deal. And isn’t getting the memories recorded the whole idea?  For me it is.
So maybe you don’t have time to write lengthy journals with insightful dialogue, but you can write a sentence a day. I know you can! 

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  1. You should get a commission from Amazon! Our church members are keeping gratitude journals this year...I just ordered one for my sister and one for me!