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Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Preview

Kindness Mini Class
July 20th 2:00 & 27th 10:00

It’s always good to have a few thank you cards on hand to praise those that have blessed your with their kindness. There are sometimes when a store bought card just won’t do. This softly colored vintagy style card will convey your gratitude perfectly.

1 hour @ $10.00

Every Happiness

July 20, 10:00 & August 3, 2:00
s it time to replenish your card stash? Or perhaps you need a sweet giftie for someone special? Either way these pretty cards will fit the bill.  Join us for the fun class.
2 hours @ $20.00


Summer Roses

July 20th 1:00 & Aug 3rd 10:00

What’s better than summer roses?  Well nuthin’ that’s what!  In this class you will color a vase of beautiful yellow roses that will touch the coldest heart with the warmth of summer!  Bring your copic markers and join us!

1 Hr. $10.00


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