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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Art Journaling for the Heart

Maybe you have been wondering what art journaling is all about. The simple answer is a bit of journaling (famous quotes, song lyrics, scriptures, poems or musings of your heart) and a bit of art. In this case wavy sections of Copic marker color and simple (some might say childish) doodles.

But it goes just a little deeper. I found this quote on a blog about a week after the Sandy Hook tragedy and it spoke to my heart. Immediately I knew I wanted to make an art journal page in honor of all the broken hearts on that day. Does it change the tragedy, sadly no. But it was a way for me to stop and say "this happened and I'm sad about it". 

A bit artsy-fartsy, yep. Important, oh yes! I realize that this type of art isn't for everyone but if you are intrigued and want to learn more I've got just the class for you. I give a monthly art journal class every second Saturday at 3:00 and the cost is just @15.00. Can't be a deal like that.

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