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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Big News!

Today is a big day for Mizbizibee, she has an assistant!  Yep, she is walking in high cotton I'm hear to tell ya! (can you tell Mizbizibee is from Arkansas?)  As my business was growing I became busier and busier and found out I really wasn't Superwoman. What a let down!  And a few months ago I realized I needed some help. After careful consinderation and lots of planning I have asked Debbie Thomas to help me.

Debbie is a long time stamper and I'm sure you have seen her around the shop and in class often. She is a patient person and she will need it working with me!  She will be taking over most of the blog posting and will email your class reminders on Monday and Friday, just like always. She will be doing most of this under my name but I'm hoping to coax her out on Facebook a bit more. We'll see.

So if you happen to see Debbie, give her a big thank you for me! She has already been a help and a blessing to me and this will allow me to focus more on making great classes, Cardz to Go! kits and write inspiring articles for this blog. In fact, look for a new article tomorrow for Wednesday Inspiration!

Vicki Bridges aka mizbizibee

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