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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Chat About Copic 101 Classes

I thought I would spend a little time talking to you about the Copic 101 classes. Vicki and I have been working on how best to present this new line of classes to you. We have classes schedule through June and so far we have four different time slots; one on Wednesday and three on Saturday.  The early-bird Saturday classes are filled through June so don't get too excited about that one.

Because of the interest in these classes and the fact I'm keeping the class size to around six people, you really shouldn't dawdle when you see a class you like. You need to contact Vicki Byers ASAP otherwise we can't guarantee you a place. They are that popular. If more people joining I will consider adding a fifth monthly class but so far it looks like this will work.

Copic 101 isn’t so much a stamping class as a coloring art class. Copic markers are profession markers and because of the vast color range many color opportunities are open to us that the Tombow palette didn’t provide. We will be learning how to shade with color and where to shade. So if you join please be aware that these classes are a little meatier that my regular stamping classes. I guess I’m trying to say there is a learning curve involved. So give yourself time to learn. Personal I’m really enjoying this challenge.

Also, we are trying our best to make purchasing the class color list a little less painful. On the class color list I have marked the colors that are minor colors. Some colors are used in small amounts and you have the choice of delaying the purchase of those color choices. Add those colors to you wish list and you may use mine in class. 

Also, I will be using Copic markers in my other classes and eventually in the Cardz to Go kits. But I will always provide the Tombow colors for those that have invested in the Tombows and don’t wish to switch. Eventually I will have a Copic/Tombow Color Comparison List available on the blog for those that wish to know which Tombows compare to which Copic.

I hope I’ve answered the most obvious questions you have about this new and excited venture.

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