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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Card Inspiration

Wednesday Card Inspirations

Today’s card inspiration was created by Renee Van Stralen at Stamping for Sanity  and is one of my favorites. I’m sure you agree she did a wonderful job to convey the theme. In my opinion this would be prefect as sympathy or encouragement card but could also work for anniversary, birthday or even 'just because'.

Why does this card work?

Design- Renee has used an asymmetrical design. Asymmetrical means absence of symmetry. Symmetry means balanced. So Asymmetrical means unbalanced but in a good way!  Sometimes perfectly balance design can be a bit of a yawn. By placing design elements one side of the card it creates a pleasing tension. Yea, the term “pleasing tension” sounds like an oxymoron but the human eye seems too long for it. I know mine does. But the thing that makes it all work is the “With Love” banner that pulls your eye to the other side of the card. It gives the design a balance. Hey, it just works!

Color  - Renee has used mostly warm soothing colors but by stamping the doily in the background in a cool aqua, it makes the orange pop and  keeps the  colors from being too heavy and somber. She has lightly shaded the edges with Distress ink to “knock the new off” but not weigh down the design. She strikes a perfect balance.

Texture- every card needs it. Texture is like salt in a recipe; it’s subtle, in the background but the dish, or in this case the card, would be less without. So what is the texture in this design?  The raise portion of the banner. She is used a pop dot in the center and glue the ends of the banner to the card. But notice one last detail; the notched ends of the banner aren’t glued down. The tips curl forward just a smidge.  It’s the little touch that finishes a perfect design.

I hope you take some time to study Renee’s wonderful card and try an asymmetrical design soon!

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