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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Card Inspiration

This week’s card inspiration was made by Craftieodamae who’s blog can be found HERE. When I first saw this card I thought “wedding”. It would also work for an anniversary. Can’t you just see it for a silver or golden anniversary?  And why not? It’s a real stunner but not complicated or time consuming to prepare.
So why does this card work?   

1.       Texture-The first big reason is texture. Texture with a capital T!  Embossing folders were used to their best advantage in the card. But the embossed strips are not the only texture in the card. Look at all the layers used. I see five layers on this card. But it’s not overdone.

2.       Color is the reason this card is so visually appealing. If several colors of card stock or even printed paper were used, it would be too much. The clutter would be a real turnoff and you would think it was a mess. The single color unifies the card and balances all the texture.  Now don’t think just white would work. I can see this in pastels, rich browns and what about red?  Ooh la la!

3.       Balanced Design is the last reason this card works. The four vertical strips pull you eye down to the die cut and stamped focal point of the card. The ribbon carries the eye to the right and you feel the journey was defiantly worth it!

So the next time you want to break out of your hum-drum card making, try this lovely textural card.  And of course, don’t forget you Toot Your Horn and show off your wonderful work!

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