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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekly Class Preview for Feb. 1st to Feb 5th

We would love to see you in class this week. There are openings in most classes, give me an email or call Vicki Byers at the shop

Dominoes 101
 Feb. 1st 10:30
Stamping on dominoes isn’t a new but there are always fun and new ways of using them. In this class you will learn how to prep, stamp, color and seal your dominoes. You will make approximately six dominoes and use two in two die cut window cards. It’s a new way to “play” with your dominoes.
2 hour @$20.00

Sweet Nothings
Feb. 1st 1:00
Sweet Nothing class harkens to a by-gone era with soft warm tones and edges a little frayed and faded. These cards are lovely to look at and so much fun to make. They can be adapted for many card giving occasions and would a blessing anybody that receives one.
2 hours @ $20.00

Be Mine
Feb. 1st 1:30
Step cards are all the rage and why not? They are fun to make and stand up for a great presentation. We have used those adorable hedgies and die cut words to create our multi layer card. Just perfect for any Valentine in your life.
1 hour @ $10.00

Healing Journey
Feb. 1st 2:30
There are times when we need a lovely card for someone special. Someone who needs a bit of encouragement and what a blessing a card can be. This vintage shabby chic card is perfect for such an occasion. 
1 hour  @ $10.00

Feb. 4th 10-12

This class is just that, simplicity. But that doesn’t mean second rate or boring. These cards have a whimsical style and are perfectly balanced.  They certainly don’t need buttons and bows.  Another great advantage of simplicity the how quickly you will make these cards. Think about picking up this stamp set, it has lots of possibilities!
2 hours @ $18.00

Grandma's Flower 
Feb. 4th 1:00

This card has it all!  Vintage and textured, shabby and with a touch watercolor and just a bit of shimmer to catch the eye. There is something to suit even the most discerning.  This birthday card will be saved for a special person as it deserves to be appreciated
1 hour  @ $10.00

Find the Beautiful
Feb. 4th 2:00

Ranger’s alcohol inks are not like regular inks and they don’t work like other inks. That is why we love them!  On this card, we use alcohol inks to create an interestingly colorful effect that will have people set up and take notice.  Are your alcohol ink skills rusty or maybe you are too afraid to venture into the realm of alcohol inks? This mini class is an excellent time to try alcohol inks and you will see why they are a stamper’s favorite.
1 hour @ $10.00

Be Mine
Feb. 4th 3:00  See above picture and info

Grunge Style Valentine
 Feb. 4th 4:00

So your guy is allergic to hearts and flowers. Buttons and bows just aren’t his cup of tea?  We got you covered.  Vicki channeled her “inner Holtz” and whipped up a grungy Valentine.  But just because this grunge Valentine is roughed up, don’t think it doesn’t come from the heart!
1 hour @ $10.00

If you wish to join any of these classes please call or email Vicki Byers at the shop

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