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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Links to Learning

I think we can all agree that education is a good thing. And when it comes to computers, web sites and all that entails, we all need educating.  I have written two How-to sheets and posted them in the Links section of this blog. Yep, just over there in the right hand column. See? 
One is “How to Post a Picture on Facebook”. Several people wanted to share pictures in the Mizbizibee’s Little Bees Facebook group and were unsure how to do so. This instruction sheet has screen shots (pictures) of the step by step directions to post pictures or videos on Facebook. It’s easy so give it a try.
The following is “How to Set Up an Email Subscription”.  This will work for most blogs that have email subscription features and mine does. The reason I like this feature is if you only read few blogs, it’s simple to have them come to your email inbox instead of remembering to check the blogs weekly.  We all forget and I don’t want you to miss out.  Every time I update the blog, within 24 hours it will appear in your inbox. So easy! You will thank yourself, it only takes 2 minutes to set up. I promise.
I hope these instructions help you to have a better online experience and if you have other ideas to make this blog or the Facebook group better, just let me know.

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